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A Baseball Team Cooked Up Brilliant Bacon-Themed Uniforms

Change never smelled so good. When players on the Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate, the Leigh Valley IronPigs, spiced up their wardrobe for the upcoming 2014 season, they decided the best way to capture America’s heart was through its stomach. The team revealed several new uniforms on Monday, one of …

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Dan White Jr.: Community Is Not Self-Actualization

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Dan White Jr.: Community Is Not Self-Actualization http://t.co/RpAw3JhkzS #socialmedia #beingreal Great share @danwhitejr Thx!

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Good point about always being connected…

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Computer robots will outsmart humans within 15 years

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Ray Kurzweil, 66, (pictured) the director of engineering at Google, has predicted that by 2029 machines will be able to crack jokes, tell stories, and even flirt.

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Pin by Electro Vista on Keep Calm and Carry On | Pinterest

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Keep Calm and Rock On #keepcalm #rockandroll | See more about keep calm, rocks and tees.

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Humans Appear Programmed to Obey Robots … – Singularity Hub

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Robot fear outsells robot awe and wonder every time. It’s very nearly axiomatic. But if you need proof, go to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where two 8-foot robots are directing traffic. The automatons are little more than …

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A Guy’s Perspective on Pinterest (and Five Pinners You Should Follow)

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Rocketgent uses Gentlemint to find and share manly things.”

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Suggested Male Pinners Here…

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Hand of a Cyborg God (Yellow)

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Hand of a #Cyborg God (Yellow) – Hard Plastic #coasters with cork back (set of 6) #singularity (Hand of a #Cyborg God (Yellow) – Hard Plastic #coasters with cork back (set of 6) #singularity http://t.co/tCd08AOF5j)…

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Got calm?

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This Pin was discovered by Electro Vista. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. (got calm?

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Nanomotors that are controlled, for the first time, inside living cells | KurzweilAI

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Penn State University chemists and engineers have, for the first time, placed tiny synthetic motors inside live human cells in a lab, propelled them with ultrasonic waves, and steered them magnetically.

The Penn State nanomotors are the closest so far to a “Fantastic Voyage” concept (without the miniature people).

The nanomotors, which are rocket-shaped gold rods ~300 nanometers in diameter and ~3 microns long, move around inside the cells, spinning and battering against the cell membrane.

The nanomotors are activated by resonant ultrasound operating at ~4 MHz, and show axial propulsion as well as spinning.


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Zazzle Emporium: Zazzle Poster from #Electrovista: Creation of Cyber-Adam

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Zazzle Poster from #Electrovista: Creation of Cyber-Adam http://t.co/jy1kb8aRZe #zazzle

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From the #Sistine Space Ship?

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