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Stanford Passed (and Failed) the Glance Test. Would you?

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“The test gives you a quantifiable way to test a slide’s viability as a glance medium by calculating a signal-to-noise ratio for individual slides.


EV‘s insight:

from Nancy Duarte:
"It’s impossible for people to process your slides and your words simultaneously." 

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Social Relevance: Improving Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio β€” Randall …

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No one cares about you – they care about how you can solve their problems. Write for your readers. These two expressions epitomize the most important marketing (and social media) concept: relevance. How often have you …

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How I Started Learning Python – The Official Rackspace Blog

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Racker Major Hayden’s recent work has been on the OpenStack project where he has had to learn Python. Here are some of his tips on how he has learned the language.

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Notebook from Electrovista: Mystic White …

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White hand with black power symbol in palm (IEC 5009) over a black background surrounded by a magical, mystical green and yellow electric, smokey wisp.

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This is the IEC 5009 symbol you are looking for…

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Self Actualization Through Movement – Part 2 | b-fitstudio.com

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Self Actualization Through Movement – Part 2 …. The term self-actualization may seem a bit flakey; it has had its share of adaptations since its conception by Kurt Goldstein as -‘the motive to realize one’s full potential’.

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From the author:

"Praise should be earned, and it should be directed at effort rather than ability."

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Top 10 inspirational quotes from Bruce Lee – Film News

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Top 10 inspirational quotes from Bruce Lee
Film News
The difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people only live for their self-imageî.

EV‘s insight:

"As you think, so shall you become."

– Bruce Lee

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The Surprising Weekend Habit Of Highly Effective People

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It’s a vicious cycle: We get more stressed at work as the week goes on, but once the weekend rolls around, instead of taking time to rest and recharge, we’re busy checking things off our to-do list and responding to neglected emails.

EV‘s insight:

The act of running can provide "weekend space".

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6 Best Computer Speakers Under 100 – TechShout!

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6 Best Computer Speakers Under 100
With a frequency response of 35Hz-20KHz and 85dB signal-to-noise ratio, this 4-piece speaker system also comes embedded with 2 RCA jacks for DVD players, TVs and game systems.

EV‘s insight:

Perspective is needed to avoid a Spinal Tap Stonehenge moment when you open the box.

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Creating the future of textiles: Flexible, flat, transparent – Specialty Fabrics Review magazine

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Creating the future of textiles: Flexible, flat, transparent
Specialty Fabrics Review magazine
The main reason for this is the limited signal-to-noise ratio of the low-cost photodiodes being used.

EV‘s insight:

From the article: "Fluorescent light traveling through a polymer sheet may lead to user interface devices that respond to gestures alone."

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